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Los Bagus Collection

In 2016 Leah Rakabundel and fellow artist and best friend Isla Birnie formed 'Los Bagus Collection'. The first Los Bagus Collection group exhibition was held at The Old Broome Lockup Gallery. With the aim of making art accessible and fun for all, the two night pop-up exhibition celebrating art, music and Indonesian food was well received by the Broome community. Following its success and momentum Los Bagus Collection #Dua (2) and Los Bagus Collection #Tiga (3) were held with a range of local artists and photographers.

The term Los Bagus Collection is a fun blend of languages translating to “The Good Collection”. This play on words exemplifies the inclusiveness of cultures and different perspectives of art and expression.


Inspired by the power of art to connect communities and strengthen health and wellbeing, Los Bagus Collection aims to provide a platform for all people to engage in the arts and experience its benefits.  Through using the arts to connect people throughout the Broome community our vision is to promote social inclusion. 


We aim to collaborate with local artists, community members and organisations to run art events/projects, workshops, professional development, and networking opportunities that foster creativity and strengthen wellbeing.  


We support emerging artists to prosper by creating opportunities for growth and exposure.  Our projects are based on the ideal that everyone in the community can be included and participate in the arts. Breaking down the elite and exclusive stereotypes that are usually associated with art, we create experiences that connect people to each other and to culture. 

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