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A Catalogue of Leah's Art

To view more visit Leah Rakabundel Art on Facebook, Instagram or shop at Etsy

Street Art + Murals

BNW Finished Mural Left
BNW Finished Mural Right
BNW Finished Mural whole
Divine plant woman with healing botanicals at Tinderbox shop, Balingup WA
Donnybrook Sea Container
Donnybrook Sea Container
Donnybrook Sea Container Doors
Little Waroeng Food Van Palm Tree Sunset Mural
Town Beach green crab
Town Beach purple crab
Town Beach red crab
Town Beach red cowrie
Town Beach prawn
Town Beach Mud Skipper
Town Beach critters
Town beach crab stack
Town Beach crab cave
Town Beach cowrie
Town Beach colourful shell
Hive Handmade Pop-Up Shop
Broome Hospital
North West Adventures

Recent Works

Solway Leaves
Soul Food
My Favourite Gantheaume Tree
Mangrove Dragon


Lunar Lift #1
Lunar Lift #2
Wormhole #1
Wormhole #2
Portal #1
Portal #2
Wobble Realm #1
Wobble Realm #2
Another Dimension #1
Another Dimension #2

Mother Lode Exhibition 2021

Blooming # 1
Mum Brain # 1
Mum Brain #2
Blooming #2
Me Time
Mum Fluff
She's Hungry
Anatomy of a Baby Bag
The Park
Quick Surf
Let's Paint
Mum Bun
Nap Time
Blissed Out
The Milky Way - We Are All Made of Stars.


Degz n Jake
Mama and Papa
Chillin Billy
Jack from Noonamah
Rat from Humpty Doo

'Broome Girls' Series

Moon Market Girls
Cable Beach Girl
Chinatown Girl
Town Beach Girl
Streeters Jetty Girl

'Day Dream' Series

Sky Whale
Surfing Elephants
Turtle Flower
Moon Goats

'The Other World' Series

Intergalactic Elephants
Matrimonio Di Flamenco
Maharaja Taj Madillo
Chilled Neck Lizard

Kimberley Dinosaurs

The Dino Conga
Kimbo Dino #1
Kimbo Dino #2
Kimbo Dino # 3
Kimbo Dino # 4
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